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Why Singapore is a great destination for sex?

Singapore is famous for many things, but probably the first one that comes to mind is sexual tourism. This place has a long history of prostitution ever since it was a British colony. Today, paying for sexual services is perfectly legal. Soliciting them and practicing street pimping are not. The main advantage of this libertine mentality has a strong influence on the Singaporean economy as it attracts tourists from all over the world. Professional agencies that promote hot, beautiful escorts like the ladies from SexeModel are the main catalyst of this flourishing industry. Most of these companies are listed online and they are available on almost every street of this spectacular Asian country.

Sexual diversity in Singapore

One of the main reasons why Singapore is seen by many as a great destination for sex is the diversity found here. Due to the country’s flexible laws regarding prostitution many women from every corner of the world come to offer their services in this country. This is why you should not be surprised when you meet girls from Peru, Australia, Senegal or even an escort Paris on the streets of Singapore.

The ideal destination for sexual tourism

If you are looking for the ultimate sexual experience of your life, you should head straight to Singapore. Many models and hot companions can be found here at reasonable prices. Most of them are hired by professional agencies that have a very strict policy regarding sexual protection. These companies require periodic medical exams from their escorts, so the chances of getting a sexually transmitted disease are very small.

The hottest escorts in the world

There are very few places in the world that match Singapore’s selection of hot women. The sexy ladies that offer their services here go beyond local popularity. In fact, some clients travel from the other side of the world just to have a date with amazingly beautiful women that are hard to find anywhere else. Keep this in mind the next time you have to decide between paying for an escort Paris from and traveling to Singapore for the best sex of your life.

The cost of sex in Singapore

The recent years have brought a systematic change in the prostitution laws of Singapore. The local authorities noticed that expats and tourists preferred using the intermediate services of model agencies instead of paying for the escorts found on every street corner. Therefore, the government encouraged this type of business and lowered the taxes for such companies. The immediate consequence was a significant price cut offered by the agencies. If you approach their services, you are likely to pay as much as $200 for an hour spent with a model, and almost $1,000 for the entire night.

Why you should avoid brothels

Brothels have a longer history than professional companion agencies in Singapore. Even if they have a particular charm, it is recommended that you avoid these places when looking to have a good time. Many of the girls who work here do not use protection and most of them have never had a medical exam. A better idea is to contact a licensed agency where you can have your pick between a local girl or an escort Paris, both of which are equally clean and safe.

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