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When the day comes when you will be meeting from the social networking escort massage site,


- Make sure you are not drunk or under the influence of any drugs.
- Please get showered and groomed first. This is the basic gesture of respect for the downtown escort ladies.
- If you were asked for your identification before the start of the premium escort massage services in Singapore, do not try to back out at the last moment, or negotiate, “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” – you should have checked all the rules and found them acceptable before going ahead with your booking, and in most cases, escorts will not show you their identification since protecting their identity is a primary concern.
- Do not do anything that might make the Singapore downtown female escort ladies feel uncomfortable being around you. For example, if she does not want you to provide her transport, just respect her decision and let her make her way back home alone.
- You might have asked yourself whether or not should you tip the Downtown masseuses from the dating escort massage agencies in Singapore, am I right? Well, while many encourage a 15%-20% tip, we at Downtown Escorts Singapore thinks that it is not an issue about the amount. For us, tipping is not necessarily expected, it should just be a friendly way for you to thank them for their time, attention and service.

Kindly do not exceed the escort service duration requested. In any case, if you like more time with the Downtown escort, do contact us and we would promptly make the necessary arrangements to ensure you would have a pleasant time to your heart’s desire.

Do treat your Downtown diva escort ladies with respect as she should be accorded like a talented and valuable person. She is attempting to do her job well. “Do unto others what you like others to do unto you”. Respect is earned and do have empathy in life.

Do tip your diva escort lady if you are happy with her Singapore elite escort services; however, tips are neither expected nor obligatory and will not be solicited. You do it on your own goodwill.

Please have the correct amount ready if paying by cash before your social escort babe arrives as she may not be able to make the change for you.

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