Singapore Massage Services with Downtown Escorts Singapore

* Should I tip the Singapre Downtown escort?

Tipping is not compulsory and it is done on your own goodwill, being the perfect gentleman you are.

* Do I have the option of choosing my Singaporean escort?

Yes. We will describe the escort ladies that are available at the time of your call when you are inquiring about your favorite escort,; it is advisable to call the previous day in advance to check for her availability.

* Can we know each other by email first?

Please visit one of the cyber-chat services around; we do not offer chat services, only escort services.

* When do I make payment to the social escort lady?

Payment should be made upfront without any demand by our social escort.

* Why can’t I view any of the social escorts’ faces?

We keep our escort ladies’ photos confidential and discreet for their own privacy just as you would like others to respect your personal discretion and privacy too.

* What if I have other escort questions or require more booking information?

You can always contact us through the hotline or email. We operate 24/7, 7 days a week even on holidays.

* Are the escort rates negotiable?

Not at all. Rest assured that our rates are in fact extremely competitive considering that our Singapore babes escort and top models are professionals in their own fields and crafts.

* Will I be issued receipts?

Yes. Receipts will be issued upon request.

* What if I am paying by credit card?

Give our Singapore escort agency your credit card number so that they may authenticate it with the bank, then our escorts upon arrival will present a credit card transaction slip to you. Upon signing the credit card slip, the service will commence.

* When do I have to pay a cancellation fee?

If you decided not to use the social escort lady’s services after you had let her through the door, a cancellation fee of SGD$100/- is chargeable. If she stays with you for more than 15 minutes, the whole booking charge applies.

* Could I / Do I have the right to reject the escort after seeing her during the service?

Yes, you could but as mentioned above, a cancellation fee has to be given to her before she leaves the hotel or your residence. This is compulsory. We have also stated clearly that no refunds will be given back to you during or after the service. So, please make up your mind before you confirm the booking to avoid any misunderstanding or complications.

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